Support Our New Home and Future Relocation

The community of the Pittsburgh Shambhala Meditation Center has grown significantly in the past few years, becoming a cornerstone of meditation practice for many throughout Western Pennsylvania.

In order to best serve this community, and further the Shambhala Vision of creating an enlightened society, in 2015 we embarked on a journey to find a new home. We believed we found that home at a property in the Garfield/Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, and focused our Capital Campaign on raising the necessary funds for relocation to that site.

However, after a great deal of development effort, we have concluded that the particular property, 4805 Penn Avenue, is no longer suitable as a relocation option for Pittsburgh Shambhala Meditation Center.

Despite this setback, the vision statement we created for our relocation project remains intact and more vital than ever:  Our vision is to offer an uplifting space that welcomes all to meditate, study, and cultivate enlightened society.

We’d also like to highlight the following aspects about our current circumstances:

  • We will remain in our Highland Park home for the foreseeable future. We have an abundance of programming planned for the coming year, including formal classes, dharma talks, workshops, and open meditation sessions.
  • We are still planning on a future Center relocation. Our property search will resume after some reorganization and contemplation.
  • Our Capital Campaign continues: Please consider a donation, however small or large, to Pittsburgh Shambhala, toward our search for an uplifted community gathering space that reflects everyone’s potential to awaken.

Questions? Looking for more information? Want to be involved? Please contact Jonathan or Stephanie with questions about our Capital Campaign.

Note for Previous Donors

In order to honor the intent of our donors, all previous contributions made to our Capital Campaign will remain in a restricted fund to finance our future move.  However, if your intent was to only contribute toward the 4805 Penn Avenue property, and not to our relocation in general, we are happy to refund your donation in full.

To discuss further, please contact Stephanie.