Community Outreach Ideas

In 2015 as part of our property search process we conducted a survey to get ideas from our community about what we want in a new home for our center.

During an event called Our New Home, attendees participated in discussions and brainstorming about what we want in a new center.  Here are the ideas we have received so far on the third question:  What types of community outreach do you want to participate in to create enlightened society with our center?

Enthusiasm, creativity and thoughtfulness are words that describe the feelings present as people approached this question. What follows is the categories and specific suggestions made. Although they are grouped, they were offered from each person’s searching inward….sometimes memory being jogged by another’s suggestion.


Reach out to transgender youth.

Reach out to LGBT community through staffing a table with literature at Pride, for example.


Reach out to various groups by providing a presence at community events, and at local colleges and universities.

Vegetarian events.   Promote vegetarianism which impacts gun control and supports no animal abuse.

Express and support compassion for abused and abandoned animals.


Explore how we can help address homelessness. Sponsor a ‘street retreat’.


Have a garden and grow food to share. Sponsor a “soup kitchen” and provide/make baked goods.

Support the Circle’s Program making and taking meals to those who need it.

Volunteer as a group to host/serve meals at East End Cooperative Ministry.

Satellite urban agriculture (i.e. to food deserts in the city) and in vacant lots.


Offer support to organizations who are already doing grass-roots work.

Volunteer to teach meditation at other places that are servicing communities that need care such as mental health.


Inform the recovery community about Heart of Recovery, specifically institutions such as rehab facilities and outpatient services.

Sponsor a concert to benefit and get the word out about the Heart of Recovery program.


Offer services to those who are incarcerated.

Offer The Path of Freedom course by Fleet Maull in the community.


Offer kindness, compassion and companionship to elderly folks who are alone.

Visit the elderly.


Hold open houses and potlucks for the neighborhood.


Sponsor quilting and sewing circles: come together engaging and communicating while ‘doing’ something to offer to shelters, children’s hospitals, animal shelters such as blankets, etc.


Arts Programs – Invite city artists to respond to “What is your vision of enlightened society?” and have the art displayed throughout the city.

Create an artistic billboard on a major roadway.


Reach out to health-care providers.


Offer information and support for diversity and accessibility, for example autism spectrum youth and adults.


Parenting: classes, support…………combine with cooking.

Intergenerational work: knowledge exchanges, experience exchanges (for example: Play. Or sponsor “A Day of _______________.”


Work with veterans.


How might we connect our interests/talents to the larger Buddhist ecosystem in Pittsburgh with a focus on synergistic intentions in combined efforts?  Please contact Stephanie with questions, comments, ideas.