Director Search

Pittsburgh Shambhala Meditation Center continues to blossom and step into new areas of exploration on the path of Enlightened Society. We are deepening our practices, growing as a sangha, and expanding our community interests. Our Center is magnetizing students from across the country to attend programs, and we are anticipating an exciting move. Our director of 5 years stepped down from his position on Shambhala Day. Are you curious and drawn to lead our Center as it grows and offers more to Shambhala, the community of Pittsburgh, and beyond?

May 2018 Update to Director Search: 

Some applications have been received, and the deadline for additional applications is now May 30th.

If you are interested in applying, or if you know someone who might be interested in this volunteer position, here is a link to the job description, which includes directions for how to apply.

You can read Shambhala International’s view of the director position and qualities.

Questions? Please contact Marian.

Thank you!


Notes from Community Meeting about the Director Search 1-29-18

Summary:  Ideal qualities in a new director include being grounded in Shambhala, having compassionate personal qualities, and having some experience with finances.  A dedication to social engagement would also be a good thing.

Different models of paid/unpaid help were discussed, including a paid director and unpaid office manager/assistant, or vice versa.  Maybe the assistant could also be the bookkeeper, overseen by someone senior in a volunteer capacity.

Both in this meeting and in reported feedback from community members not present, there is a consistent voice about having a director and an assistant in some configuration to be decided, as well as having someone to lead in the areas of financial growth and possibilities