You are invited to join Pittsburgh Shambhala
and become a part of our global community

Becoming a member of the Pittsburgh Shambhala Meditation Center is a powerful way to express your appreciation for what this practice provides and your wish to make it available to others. You will join a community of practitioners who aspire to live our lives more fully, relate to one another with honesty, warmth, and openness, and share a vision to create an enlightened society.

Everyone is welcome to join regardless of race, class, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or physical ability. Membership is based on an individual’s choice to become a member. There is no external screening or acceptance process.

Although you are not required to join in order to participate in our programs, the Center would not exist without members’ support. We depend upon one another for the energy and generosity that keep our doors open, and for the creativity and kindness that provide a space for all to practice and study.

Aspects of Membership

  • Mindfulness-awareness practice:  Members engage in regular meditation and contemplative practice, and strive to integrate their practice into everyday life. Regular practice is the best way to support ourselves, our Shambhala community and the world.
  • The practice of community: Members recognize that their circle of concern reaches beyond themselves and aspire to be of benefit to others. Together we aim to create a culture of kindness and an enlightened society within our center and in the world.
  • Volunteering:  Most activities at the Center are conducted by volunteers, and there are many ways to help. Members donate time to the Center to create inspiring environments for practice and community life based on their interests and personal availability.
  • Financial support: Shambhala depends on the financial generosity of its members in order to meet basic operating expenses. All members are asked to make monthly financial contributions as part of their practice. Members donate from $5 to $100 or more per month. We encourage members to give as generously as possible and we understand that your current circumstances will be a factor in what you can afford. You are welcome to join, regardless of how much you can contribute. (Donations are tax deductible.)

If you are someone who has more money than time, money is helpful; if you have more time than money, your time and effort are precious. Everyone tries to do their part to the best of their abilities.

What are the Benefits of Membership?

  • The opportunity to engage in a community that supports mindfulness-awareness practice, studies the teachings together, and aspires to create an enlightened culture right here in Pittsburgh, as well as in the greater world
  • The opportunity to meet with a personal meditation instructor by phone or in person
  • Invitations to special member events
  • Borrowing privileges at the Center’s library and a discount on book purchases
  • Automatic membership in Shambhala’s world-wide network
  • Member access to the network, including the Pittsburgh Community Room, message boards, and international Shambhala resources
  • Membership pin

Please complete our membership form online and our membership coordinator will be in touch with you.

For questions, please email our membership coordinator at [email protected]. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!