Silent Transformations of Engaged Spirituality, Ecology, and Politics

with Acharya Adam Lobel

April 27th (2017)

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    Room: WPFC Carriage House
    Program Registration is Closed.
    "Dark is dangerous. You can't see anything in the dark, you're afraid.  Don't move, you might fall.  Most of all, don't go into the forest.  And so we have internalized this horror of the dark" -Hélène Cixous
    This is one of the quotes with which Timothy Morton begins his 2016 book. He writes: 
    "What is dark ecology?  It is ecological awareness, dark-depressing.  Yet ecological awareness is also dark-uncanny.  And strangely it is dark-sweet.  Nihilism is always number one in the charts these days.  We usually don't get past the first darkness, and that's if we even care.  In this book we are going to try to get to the third darkness, the sweet one, through the second darkness, the uncanny one.  Do not be afraid."
    At our Silent Transformations meeting tomorrow April 27 from 7-9pm at the Pittsburgh Shambhala Meditation Center, we will explore these themes together led by Acharya Adam Lobel.  As usual the event is free/donations encouraged, and public.  Perhaps you need a little dose of engaged mindfulness before the march this weekend?  Or a homemade corn muffin?

    Questions? Please contact Nora.