Bridge of Light: Bridging Werma Practice with Living Experience: A Werma & Scorpion Seal Retreat

with Acharya Adam Lobel

April 12th—April 17th

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  • $350.00 Program Price
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Room: WPFC Carriage House
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Note: The hours listed are approximate and will include two evening sessions, to be announced later.

This Werma Sadhana retreat will focus on bridging our sadhana practice with our everyday emotional life, relationships, and events in our world. Many of us feel that there is a large gap between our daily experience and the power of the sadhana. This can sometimes lead to resisting sadhana practice. Or it may lead to a form of spiritual bypassing where we use the sadhana to escape from the challenges of experience. How can we help to bridge this gap? In addition to patient sessions of practice, we will especially explore this question in depth and help to cultivate methods that integrate ordinary life and the heart of our Shambhala terma teachings. 

Prerequisites:  Must have received the Rigden Abhisheka, or the Werma Sadhana at Kalapa Assembly and attended Vajrayana Seminary.

For housing assistance, please contact Teresa.

For questions, contact Kathryn or Veronica.

About the teacher:

Acharya Adam Lobel, Mdiv. Harvard Divinity School,  Doctoral Candidate, Harvard University, is an acharya or authorized lineage teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. He is responsible for curriculum development and teacher training for the international Shambhala community, with over 200 centers around the world.  As a scholar of philosophy and religion, Adam's research focusses on meditation practice and pedagogy in the Great Perfection (Dzogchen) tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and modern phenomenology. He is active in ecological and social justice movements, and last year represented Shambhala at the United Nations, the White House, and in the Standing Rock protests of the Dakota Access oil pipeline. A close student and representative of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, he travels globally leading meditation workshops, lecturing, and teaching on the social vision of Shambhala. Adam lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife and two sons.