Examining Whiteness Facilitator Training

March 12th—March 16th

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  • $300.00 Program Price
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Room: WPFC Carriage House
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This five day intensive training is for white identified individuals who have an established meditation practice, an engagement with the ongoing personal work of unlearning white supremacy*, and who are ready to gain some tools and skills for facilitating others in this work!

  • *(What this personal work might look like: ongoing engagement of more than one year of reading and working personally, attending a reading group about whiteness, attending an anti-racist training or multiple, being a part of a white-affinity group on an ongoing basis, attending a White Awake or Radical Dharma session...) If you are interested but unsure if this is the training for you, please contact K.T. for an interview. 

The training will involve practice, study, unlearning, learning, and embodied action. We will spend some time each morning practicing and studying and the afternoons in facilitation workshops, discussion groups and sharing circles. There will be readings including history, analysis, personal narrative and structure (among other things) assigned before, as well as two zoom meetings leading up to the training.

There is a general need and a specific need in meditation and dharma communities and within the Shambhala sangha to fully integrate white awareness and anti-racism into the communities, practices, and teachings. The replication of white supremacy by western practitioners is rampant and antithetical to the dharma.

In a recent study it has been found that meditation and mindfulness practice is one of the surest ways to build resilience to the set of symptoms called, “white fragility” by Robin DiAngelo; characterized by an inability of white people to tolerate any racial stress or stay engaged in conversations about racism. The relatively fresh combination of mindfulness practices with more established white anti-racist practices presents a fertile area for challenging white supremacy. In the training we will be investigating ways to expose our own internalized white supremacy, and to guide others in doing this very personal work as facilitators.  

We want this training to be accessible, so if you cannot afford the full cost pay what you can afford. If you can afford the cost, please include more so that your generosity can help someone else.

Lead facilitators: Lizzie Anderson and K.T. Tierney formerly of WHAT’S UP!? Pittsburgh. And other special guests from the greater Pittsburgh social justice community.

Once you have registered, we will be in touch with further details about readings, schedule and what else to expect come January!

Tentative Schedule:

March 12th  Registration 12-2:30pm.  Session 3-9pm with dinner break.
March 13th     8:30am-9pm all meals provided and breaks included.
March 14th.    8:30am-9pm all meals provided and breaks included.
March 15th     8:30am-9pm all meals provided and breaks included.
March 16th.    8:30am-3pm open to stay for the evening or depart.

What else?

There will be two zoom sessions leading up to the training, they should be thought of as mandatory*. These will establish the foundation for the work we will be doing together. Tentatively scheduled on Sunday, February 10th and Sunday, February 24th 4:30-7:30 EST. (*those who have already participated in the zoom sessions offered in the spring and summer are exempt but welcome to join). If you cannot make these times,  we will contact you to find an alternate date.

Contact K.T. Tierney with comments, questions, and so forth: [email protected]

About our pricing: The Patron Price helps us to offer teachings to those who can't afford the program price. Our Generosity Policy is available if the Program Price is too high. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. The Repeat Price is for those who would like to take the program again.