Qigong: Level 3

with Michael Busby

August 17th—August 18th

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  • $175.00 Patron Price
  • $150.00 Program Price
  • $75.00 Repeat Price
Room: WPFC Carriage House


Deepen your practice with Qigong Level 3. All who have completed Qigong Levels 1&2 are invited to come learn many new forms from the Xiantianwujimen and Yiquan lineages:

  • Hua Tuâ - 5 Animal forms: Tiger for tendon strength, Bear for bone strength, Deer for conserving generative energy, Monkey for agility and Bird for balancing and lifting energy
  • Part 1 of the Immortals Guide to Self-Massage & Breath Regulation and
  • Part 1 of Red Phoenix Calisthenics to remove energy blockages, maximize qi circulation and strengthen tendons, bones and muscles
  • More standing qigong from the Yiquan Zhangzhuan (Standing Qigong) system

The weekend will include talks, Taoist lore, detailed instruction, Q & A, and lots of qigong practice.

* Prerequisite: Completion of Qigong Levels 1 & 2 is a prerequisite for this program

** Repeating the program? For those who are repeating this program, the fee is ½ price!

Pricing:  For those who can afford the patron price, thank you for considering paying at that level.  It subsidizes our ability to offer scholarships to those who can't afford the regular program price.

For those who are unable to afford the regular program price, while our generosity policy is not available for this program, limited scholarships are available.  Please contact Jess for more information.

Questions?  Please contact Will.

About Michael Busby: Michael Busby is authorized to teach qi gong by Dr. Eva Wong -- 19th-generation lineage carrier of Xiantianwujimen Daoism (Pre-celestial Limitless Gate School of Daoism) and 3rd-generation student of Wang Xiangzhai, founder of Yiquan. He has been practicing and studying qigong with Dr. Wong for ten years. He is also the owner of Daoist Lifestyle Tea, BYOtea, a company that centers around tea appreciation and seasonal curation. In addition to Daoist Qigong, he also studies meditation and martial arts. He enjoys living a simple life with his wife Trinley and cat Buster in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.