Health & Well Being

Qigong 3 - The Gourd and Cauldron: Chinese Medicine and Qigong

with Michael Busby

May 2nd—May 3rd

Chinese Medicine and Qigong enjoy a long history of relationship, mutually influencing each other in their approach to health and longevity. Continue »

Qigong 4 - Iron and Silk: Strengthening the Body, Cleansing the Internal Organs

with Acharya Suzann Duquette

June 13th—June 14th

Qigong 4 is the balance and integration of Iron and Silk. Enter the world of Wudangshan qigong to build the Iron of external strength. Continue »

Qigong 5 - Limitless Qi, Limitless Consciousness

with Acharya Suzann Duquette

June 15th—June 16th

Qigong 5 is an important landmark in your journey into the Taoist arts of health and longevity. Continue »